I'm a graphic designer, living and working in Zagreb, Croatia.

I could never decide if I love movies or design more. Luckily, I found a place where the two intersect. Since then, I've made myself busy watching movies and designing posters.

My personal artist heroes are Saul Bass and Anton Corbijn (plus many others who inspire me daily).

I believe one shouldn't waste much time on social media, but here's a few more places around the web where you can find me:

As an editor on film magazines – and then as a filmmaker – I’ve worked with many designers and Neven is one of the best. He’s quick to grasp concepts and full of ideas on how to express them. The art itself is always striking, but it also communicates. The process is a pleasure, too. My only concern is he may get too successful to work with me…
— Nev Pierce, director (Bricks, Promise) and journalist (Empire)
Neven is a talented artist and outstanding collaborator. When working on the poster design for my film Writer’s Block, Neven was able not only to transform complex ideas into an extraordinary graphic concept, but to integrate my feedback in an organic and effective manner. His design skills are superb.
— Alex Mendez Giner, director (Writer's Block)